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Hey, I'm Curt

I'm currently at Virb

What I do

I design websites, apps and other things

Contact me

cestridge [at]


Design & Direction - 2011

Notifi is an automated reminder service that replaces physical appointment cards. I was in charge of all visual aspects of the design, including identity, marketing pages and UI.

The app

My goal here was to break the main task down into clear steps and make it easy and fun to add an appointment.

See it in action

Site is currently in development.

Huffman Travel

Design & Direction - 2012

Home page concept for a travel agency.

Me & Mountains

Package Design - 2012

Me & Mountains is one of many great Dayton Based bands. I designed the packaging for their third album which was released by Gas Daddy Go on cassette.

I was excited to be a part of this project. Rarely do I get to see my work printed.


Design & Direction - 2011

While at Atomic Interactive I had the pleasure of being part of the entire redesign and launch of Slickplan, a simple sitemap creation tool.
View the site

See it in action

The biggest focus of the redesign for me was the sitemap editor itself. One goal in particular was to make the cells intuitively editable. The user of the app should be able to make quick edits without hesitation.

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